Graphic Design Thesis Project

Label Life thesis app mockup

In a culmination of the skills they learned in the program, Graphic Design students were asked to find something in the world that was vague, confusing, or that could benefit from a redesign. Over the course of a semester data was gathered and then used to form a proposal for changes to the subject of the case study.

Label Life was the result of an analysis of the nutrition labeling system in The United States. The initial question looked at whether or not nutrition labels were effective at communicating the necessary health information, and early focus was aimed at redesigning the label itself to make information more accessible. A survey found that the majority of participants who read nutrition labels found them understandable, but some kind of tool to enhance the labels without changing them could be beneficial. Focus shifted then to designing an app that would provide additional nutrition information and enhance available information in a quick, efficient way that wouldn't interrupt the flow of shopping for users.

The label redesign was abandoned early in the project, but some reactions during the presentation of the final project showed interest in a label redesign.

Label Life project logo

The Process

Thesis process poster

Early Sketches and Icon Ideas

App design sketches
Scrapped nutritional symbol ideas

App Personalization Design

Information representation options
Mockup of app in use

App Demo Video